• Siblings from the movie Frozen

Encourage Strong Sibling Relationships

Where peace and quiet used to be is now filled with bickering and fighting.  Whatever happened to when your kids got a long and played together all day? Hearing your name yelled, as a request to referee a small disagreement, can be daunting and honestly not necessary. Kids will work out their differences and there

  • iconic image of Snoopy and Charlie Brown

Happy National Puppy Day!

Today is National Puppy Day! A day to celebrate your family’s best friend and furriest companion. What better way to spend the day than throwing tennis balls, going for walks and giving out treats to make your pooch happy. If you’re looking for creative and unique ways to celebrate your puppers, look no further, I

  • Stylish siblings in bright colors

Easter Outfits with Style

Peter Cotton Tail is coming to town and you’re thinking about what the kids will wear to the Easter Dinner you’ll be attending. Maybe you have an Easter themed photo shoot for the kids with baby chicks and bunnies, so cute! First thing’s first, we must shop for the perfect outfits.

We all know there are

  • Young girl with suitcase, ready to travel

Tips For Smooth Traveling With the Kids!

With spring break coming up for the kids, you might be thinking it’s time for a family vacation. Now is a great time to escape the last days of winter. You’re needing some sun, rest and rejuvenation! I know I do. But planning a trip with kids is far more time-consuming than one with just

  • Strawberries and Asparagus in season

Easy, Fresh, Spring Meal Ideas

I love exploring new meals and cuisines. Experimenting with recipes is always fun and, often, I create new things by wandering off-track from the original recipe.  Here’s the catch – often, recipes I find online call for extravagant ingredients. As much as I’d love to travel the globe collecting spices, and the finest salts, I

  • Tweens in this year's trending fashions

Spring Forward into Fashion!

Nicer weather is just around the corner – or so I keep optimistically thinking. Well, even if it’s not as close as I would like, spring will be here and that’s an excuse to get some shopping in! After every winter, ever since I was young, I couldn’t wait to pack my jackets, hats and

  • Students who play instruments get better grades

Music for All the Children

My days of playing the recorder and torturing my parents’ ears are long gone, but my love for music and singing (although I’m terrible at it) is still strong. I used to love music class as a child, we would all line up, walk a few classrooms over and be greeted by the warmest smile.

  • Strong teeth from brushing regularly

Why Does the Tooth Fairy Take My Teeth?

How many of us had an irrational fear of the dentist as children? All of us, great to know I wasn’t alone. For some strange reason, kids always come up with the idea that the dentist is a scary place where we get needles and our teeth stolen, buy the doctor, where one actually gets

  • Young girl struggling with schoolwork

Fear of Their New World

It’s a huge world out there, filled with scary new surroundings – a different situation every day. As an adult, we have learned to deal with these day to day tasks pretty well; we know what to expect and how things will often turn out. Imagine you’re back at school, it’s your first day and

  • gender roles are changing, for the better

Raising Children to Respect Everyone

When it comes to raising your children ‘properly’, there are a million books, blogs and critiques. Although there are endless opinions, there are a few common generalities that most would agree on; one being respect and good manners. As you’re aware, there is still some gaps between boys and girls concerning stereotypes and gender roles.