We have a 30-day money back guarantee: if Tomorrow’s Outfit hasn’t made your morning routine easier and more efficient.

Currently, we only ship to the United States, with full intention of being able to sell worldwide. We’ll keep you posted about when you’re able to buy it everywhere! Check our Facebook and Instagram for updates too!

Yes, you do. Every Tomorrow’s Outfit comes with a detailed pictorial to assemble smoothly. You may also go to our features page to review our product assembly video

Shipping is free through our partner, Amazon.

The stylizer is made from ¼ inch solid steel and rigid tubing. We use only superior quality products making Tomorrow’s Outfit unbendable and unbreakable with normal use.

Currently the stylizer is offered in three colors: Black Licorice, Wild Raspberry, and Caribbean Mist [Soon to be adding new colors].

You can layer your clothing; up to 15lbs total on the shoulders and torso. The hands hold light weight accessories, up to 1lb.

Yes! The stylizer is adjustable. From the height it hangs, to the length of arms and torso.

Yes, they can. Simply add as many “S” hooks to the chain as needed to reach their height. Reminder: Not for children under 3 due to small parts that could cause choking hazard.

Yes, you can. Use the wall hanger and mount hook above your height. Use as many links on the chain as needed to match your height. Chain links are not welded and extra links can be easily removed with a pliers.

Style it today, wear it tomorrow!