Meet the family

Meet Mom

She’s busy and always on the move. She has a great career, as a paralegal. She loves yoga and Ellen. Mom really enjoys a morning latte from her local coffee shop, to start her day. Her mornings use to be hectic, always picking up clothing off the floor and tidying up after her children. Since investing in Tomorrow’s Outfit, she has been able to leave on time with the children ready, without being rushed.


Meet Dad

Up until this year he stayed at home with the kids, but now that they’re both in school full time he has re-entered the working life. He is a photographer and loves taking pictures of nature and animals. He volunteers at a local animal shelter, where he adopted Sparky for the family. He used to struggle with putting together ‘cool’ and ‘popular’ outfits for the children. Since the children have their own stylizer now he helps them pick, and clip their outfits the night before making it a fun routine.


Meet Sister

She is 14 years old and in 9th grade. She enjoys music and singing. She’s in her school choir and plays the flute. Sister loves fashion and accessories, her favorite being headbands and flower crowns. Sister really enjoys being able to hang all of her accessories up on her Tomorrow’s Outfit Stylizer when planning her look. She especially likes being able to prepare the night before, so she can sleep in on school mornings.


Meet Brother

He’s an active 7-year-old in grade 2. Always playing funny jokes on his sister and getting messy. On the weekends he spends his days playing soccer with a local team, he’s the goalie. His favorite snack is oreo’s. He and Sparky are inseparable. Brother use to never know what to wear and not be able to find clothing in the morning. He always ended up playing with his toys and forgetting to change from his pajamas into school clothing. Now he and Dad take time before bed to plan his outfit and he knows what he’s going to wear in the morning.


Meet Sparky

WOOF! He was adopted by the Family a year ago and has been loving all the attention and long walks. He likes to chase squirrels and swim. His favorite food is peanut butter.


Style it today, wear it tomorrow!