You may be wondering what inspired “Tomorrow’s Outfit”?

Years ago, when my daughter was much younger, she used to plan her outfits by laying them all over the floor. Clothing, accessories, and shoes were sprawled everywhere. Her father and I had to hop, skip, and jump just to tuck her in at night. It wasn’t long before we helped her develop a simple and functional outfit planner that got her clothing off the floor. She LOVED it! Unfortunately, it was bulky and she quickly grew out of it.

I knew other parents must be experiencing walking a jigsaw puzzle of clothing, hectic mornings, and always hearing their child saying ‘I don’t know what to wear!’ So this had me thinking, if I could create something that took up very little space, “grew with the child”, and had features that allowed children to personalize their looks with hats, jewelry, earrings and scarves, it would make planning ahead fun.

So I set out to design Tomorrow’s Outfit. What started off as a way to help my daughter stay organized and keep her room tidy has led me to learn about children who develop differently and may struggle with outfit planning. From being hyper and unfocused, to needing visual guidance in getting dressed, Tomorrow’s Outfit is designed for every child and adult. You’re able to create a routine in the evening so your morning runs smoothly.