mom and son date Mommy’s little boy is something all sons start off as. They are pure bundles of active energy and not much changes as they grow up, other than the activities you do together. We often see moms and daughters out for the afternoon, shopping or getting their hair and nails done – starting at a rather young age. How often do we see mothers and sons spending the same level of quality time together? What about mother and son date? It may be partly because our boys may have more days out bonding with their fathers. Maybe we feel we don’t have as much in common with our sons as they start growing up? But hold the phone, this is so not true.

Mother and son days are just as important to help build strong bonds. When we take an interest in what our children are doing and participate, it creates a positive and trusting relationship. Here are some awesome ideas for a mom and son date to keep you guys having fun together.

Great Ideas To Have The Best Bonding with Your Son

Road trip-hop in the car, and go away for the weekend. Pick a city, explore it, and live on the edge. Try to do things ‘spur of the moment’, so that your son can help to pick what you do and when. Can’t get away for the weekend? No problem, take a day trip!

  • Conversations to have– Road trips are great for tackling heavy subjects. While your eyes are on the road, he might feel more comfortable opening up about life topics. Ask him what his challenges are in his life right now. Ask him how he handles his struggles.

VolunteerHelp out your community and neighborhood by volunteering for the afternoon. If you or your son have a particular charity you’d like to support, consider a fundraiser where the benefits go towards them. Love animals? Volunteer to walk the pups or pet the kitties.

  • Conversation to have- Talk about how he likes school this year, his friends, and teachers. Get to know his educational strengths and where he needs work.

Geocaching This is like a treasure hunt. Here is a simple guide to helping you get started: FOUND IT! Introducing Geocaching To Kids and Families.

Out to eat– Every boy has the appetite of 10 men when growing. Go to his favorite restaurant, even if it’s super unhealthy, and let him get whatever he wants. Or if he has a favorite meal you make, surprise him with it.

  • Conversation to have- talk about food! Is he enjoying his school lunches? Breakfast before school? Is it enough food? What about his dinner? Is there a meal he would like to have that you could make together? Kids eat more when they can be involved.

Movie Night– you can head to the theatre to have a night out, grab some buttery popcorn and soda, or have a movie night in. Both Netflix or Apple TV has so many great options, so you’re bound to find something that you’ll both enjoy.

  • Conversation to have- talk about the movie you just watched. Was it funny? Maybe discuss humor and appropriateness around it. Was there a lot of violence? Discuss what real-life violence looks like and how to get help when needed.

Creative date– go to a paint night, pottery class, museum or craft show. Anything creative. Home Depot has hands-on building classes; you can even plant a tree.

  • Conversation to have- how is your son doing in school with his more creative subjects like writing and English? Talk about the importance of being able to express oneself and the keys to good communication.

Get Outdoors– go camping, even if it’s in your backyard. Set up a tent, grab your sleeping bags, pillows, and make some S’mores.

  • Conversation to have talk about nature. Talk about animals, trees, plants, everything outdoors. Talk about the climate and different seasons.

Benefits of Mom and Son Date

Any date you and your son go on will be a bonding experience and help to get to know one another better. This time together should be kept positive. Negative, or heavy conversations, should be kept to a minimum as this is a fun and light time, where your son is free to confide in you about his hopes, dreams and any problems he may be having. Let your son lead the day and the conversation. The flow of your day should be fun and enjoyable.

Have fun and plan many more days together!