hello summer There comes a time in every teenagers life, especially teenage girls, where they are bored all the time but nothing is interesting to them. Don’t ask me why, it’s just a rite of passage, apparently. Teenage boys are much easier to get out of their funk; a friend calls and they want to go play a sport in the park or take the car out for a spin, simple. My girls and their friends are always telling me everything is ‘soooo boring’ and honestly, I’m over hearing that sentence a million times a day. So, I’m writing this article to help any other parents that might be suffering from bored teenager syndrome! This DIY crafts for teens might gonna help you.

DIY wire wrapped rings

DIY Crafts To Beat Bored Teenager Syndrome

Lately there is a craze for gemstones. Whether it’s for meditation, healing, or as a fashion statement – they’re all over stores, Instagram and fashion. They can be rather costly, especially when you buy them as jewelry. I see so many teenagers with pendant gemstone necklaces and rings, so why not a DIY project that’s fashionable and cheap. Making your own wire wrapped rings.

This quick and easy tutorial allows you to customize the beads you use, letting you decide the cost of your ring. Individual gemstone beads run from a few dollars to $15 just depending on which one you plan on purchasing.

The best part about these rings are the meaning behind them. Have your daughter and her friends look into what their beads mean, if they don’t already know.

DIY cell phone case

Every teenage girl is glued to her cell phone, whether its texting friends, snap chatting, or posting selfies on Instagram, it’s always in their hands.

Take an hour or two and have them personalize their own cell phone case. The ones with all the glitz and glam are costly, and often not well crafted, leaving purses full of the decorations, instead of the phone.

Here is a great tutorial to follow here.

DIY sunglasses

Every summer day requires a pair of sunglasses, unless you feel like being blinded by the sun. designer sunglasses are expensive, and often get misplaced or broken, so save your money. Follow this DIY and have your teens customize their own sunglasses for a fraction of the cost.

Also great for preteen boys and girls!

DIY beach bag

Having a little bit of bad weather or a few days of rain? This is a great time to indulge in this craft. Making your own purse/beach bag. This project will take a little more patience and persistence, and maybe a little bit of skill. I personally have no idea how to sew, so I first watched a few YouTube videos to understand more.

You’ll need to head to a store and pick out your fabrics (the best part) and a few other materials.

This DIY tutorial is amazing. You can make your bag any pattern and colors you want, so be as creative as you’d like.

With all of these awesome projects your teen will be busy for days! The best part is everything will look so chic and her friends will be asking “where did you get that?” making her feel proud of her crafts. Don’t be afraid to participate yourself, you could always use a ‘designer’ pair of sunny’s and kicking boredom to the curb.