diy activities with son If you’re a mom of boys, you’ve probably discovered that they love being messy. If not, you soon will. It’s so easy to keep your little guys entertained – my boys love to be doing things with their hands; whether it’s inside or out. If you’re running out of ideas on how to keep the boys amused, here are a few DIY tutorials to keep their hands full, while having fun.

DIY Activities with Son

Slime has made a huge come back this year. I remember going to the store when I was young, picking my favorite color of slime out and within 10 minutes of me opening it, it was covered with all sorts of hair and dirt. Now kids just make their own slime, no more dollar store stops for you.

How To Make a Slime

So, here is what you need to make the slime:

1/2 Cup of Elmer’s Washable Non Toxic Clear Glue or White Glue

1/2 Cup of Liquid Starch

1/2 Cup of Water

Measuring Cup

2 bowls and a spoon

food coloring, confetti, glitter {optional}


  1. In one bowl mix 1/2 cup water and 1/2 cup of glue {really mix to combine completely}
  2. Pour glue into water.
  3. Stir the glue and water together well!
  4. Now’s the time to add color, glitter, or confetti! Remember when you add color to white glue, the color will be lighter. Use clear glue for jewel toned colors!
  5. Mix the glitter and color into the glue and water mixture.
  6. Pour in 1/2 cup of liquid starch. You will see the slime immediately start to form. You won’t be able to use a spoon for very long.
  7. The slime starts to come together instantly!
  8. Switch to mixing with hands for a few minutes until you feel the majority of the liquid incorporated into the slime.
  9. Put in a clean, dry container or on a plate. Slime can be played with right away but it’s consistency changes a bit over the next 30 mins to a smoother looking substance as opposed to the stringier slime you may originally see.

Hints: Liquid starch slime gets better with time but can be used right away. Playing with it helps it set.  After about 15 minutes, I think it is just right and looks awesome.

Slime keeps my boys entertained for days, especially when they customize it themselves. You can use anything you want, even Legos!

Water Gun Painting Is Fun

When there is a nice day outside and the kids are ‘bored’, I have just the idea. Water gun painting! This is the perfect summer activity. All you need is some water-based paint, a few cheap water guns and a canvas. We’ve used a giant white sheet and hung it up in the yard for all of us to paint. The results are beautiful and unique. You can get a little more creative with stencils, stickers and even glitter. The whole project is super inexpensive and, at the end, you have art to hang!

water gun painting

Treasure Hunting

How fun does a treasure hunt sound? Fun, right! Plan this the night before. Pick up a few items your kids are asking for this summer – maybe some pool toys or something for a camping trip. This is the treasure. Hide it somewhere the kids will never look. Next, plan your hints. These will bring the kids to different areas of the house and yard to discover the next clue. Make it a little more fun by leaving a treat at each stop. You can be as detailed as you’d like, the better the clues the more fun the kids will have.

My last suggestion to keep boys busy this summer is a DIY Racecar Track.

DIY Brick race track

This is an inexpensive and durable track the kids can use for a long time. It takes very few items to complete. Just some bricks, spray paint, chalk and a yard. The rest is your imagination.

Start with some bricks – your number will vary depending on how large you want to build the track. These visuals will provide you with an accurate estimate of how many bricks to purchase. Spray paint them grey/black just like our roads and add the dotted white line down the center with chalk, or paint. Lay your bricks out in the pattern you’d like and then dig underneath each brick setting it into the ground. You can be super creative around and in the center of the track. Add a pool by digging a hole and filling it with water, make a garden, or add some rocks.

The last thing to do is to get the kids outside with their cars and trucks. Now that you have so many ideas on what to do with the kids, you’re going to become a pro at DIY activities!