fall season Are you waiting for the return of pumpkin spice everything and getting cozy with a blanket without it sticking to you?  If so, you’re not alone.  Fall is well on its way, days are getting shorter, temperatures cooler and slowly… Halloween gear is popping up in stores. If you’re looking to add some beautiful fall colors and décor around the house, but not ready to close the pool for the season just yet, here are some fun and easy crafts you can do with the kids.

Fun and Easy Crafts To Do with the Kids

Since the leaves have yet to change to the warm reds, oranges and yellows, let’s start by making some Stained Glass Fall Leaves craft.

DIY Stained Glass Fall Leaves

Materials Needed:

– Glue
– Tissue Paper (fall colors)
– waxed paper
– popsicle stick for spreading glue (or your favorite tool)
Fall Leaves Template #1 
Fall Leaves Template #2 (or draw your own)
– Craft knife
– Paper (green, red, yellow, or orange)

  • Have your children help you tear the tissue paper into small pieces – the smaller the better.
  • Print out the template and cut out the leaves.
  • Tear off a piece of waxed paper that is double the width of your leaf template (so roughly 18″ long)
  • Apply glue to a small area of the waxed paper and then layer the tissue paper pieces on top, one at a time.  It’s okay if they overlap a little – the goal is to cover all the glue.
  • Continue working until half of the waxed paper is covered in tissue paper.
  • Now spread a thin layer of glue on the remaining half of the waxed paper on the opposite side.
  • Fold the waxed paper over and lightly smooth the surface making sure that the glue is fully in contact with the tissue paper.  Let dry.
  • Tape the dried stained glass behind the cut-out template and hang it on a window or individually cut out the leaf shapes, gluing the border of the leaf to the top of the stained glass. Make sure light comes through the window so you can see the colors.

This next one makes me hungry! This craft is very easy and great for younger children because it doesn’t require much attention or time to complete. Let’s make Pumpkin Apple Stamps.

DIY Fall stamps

Materials Needed:

– Apples
– Orange craft paint
– Green craft paint
– Paint brushes
– Cutting board
– Knife
– White paper

  • (Parent step) First cut your apples in half, dry inside and outside with paper towel
  • Using the inside of the apple as a stamp, dip the inside of your apple in orange paint, making sure it’s completely covered in paint, then stamp on your white paper
  • On a paper plate or scrap paper, squirt a little orange paint on one, and green on the other
  • Using a paint brush, paint a leaf and stem of the top of your pumpkins
  • Let your pumpkins dry and display proudly or use black markers/crayons to create Jack-o-lanterns for some Halloween fun!

What do they say about first impressions again? This décor is inviting and perfect to start a conversation with guests as they enter your home. It brings nature right to your doorstep. Pinecone Door Décor will have the kids running in the yard to find the perfect pinecones:

This decoration is almost self-explanatory, but here is a quick break down of what you need, and how to do it.

DIY Pinecones and ribbon

Materials Needed:

– 6-8 large pinecones
– 6-8 pieces of 10 inch ribbons
– Hot glue and glue gun

  • Glue the last 2 inches of ribbon to the bottom of each pinecone
  • Wait until the glue is dry
  • Gather the pinecone ribbons and tie the top 2-3 inches into a knot
  • Place on hook hanging over the door.


Candy Corn Footprints

Candy corn footprints with googly eyes

Have a little wee one in the house? This project is great for them. All you need is some paint – orange, yellow and white, nontoxic, washable paint. Paint the baby’s foot and stamp it on black construction paper. Let it dry, add googly eyes and a smiley face.

With so many awesome and festive décor ideas, your house will feel like fall in no time.