activities to do during fall Cooler weather means a more comfortable experience while participating in outdoor activities.  Don’t get me wrong, I love summer, but spending an entire day outside can be exhausting in the heat. Fall brings beautiful colors, sweater weather, and warm drinks aplenty. It’s my family’s favorite time to enjoy each other’s company and reconnect.

We have now settled back into the routine of school, work, and extra-curricular activities and the pace of our home is much more relaxed – this is the perfect time to start crossing some family time outings off the bucket list. Halloween is a fall favorite of our families’, so much of our activities revolve around getting ready for the trick or treaters.

Fun Activities for the Whole Family During Fall

One of the first things we love to do every fall is going to the pumpkin patch. The kids love picking their pumpkin to design and carve; it makes the whole experience just a little more special. I like when everyone participates in the games, goes through the corn maze, and drinks apple cider. So tasty. If you go with your children to the pumpkin patch, for a school trip, here are some games that can be organized with a bunch of children. If you have older children, don’t forget to take an evening trip to the pumpkin patch and do all of the haunted walks. Always a spooky time.

With fall comes bonfires and s’mores. Warm baked treats and the smell of cinnamon fills the house. Pumpkin is a favorite fall flavor, and I love to make pumpkin bread. The recipe I use is from Once Upon A Chef, and it is to-die-for; rich and delicious without being too earthy. You can find the recipe here. Another favorite of mine is apple pie. Nothing is better than warm apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I’ll admit, I am not the best baker, but I am a world-renowned consumer of sweets. So, a good pie is something I appreciate. Chef Michael Smith has the perfect recipe here, and it’s super easy to make.

Hiking is beautiful in the fall. The leaves are changing colors creating a picture perfect scene. Sometimes, with the younger children, it’s hard to get through a family hike without complaints. It’s inevitable, they get bored, their legs get tired, and they just want to rest every other step – this can be annoying, and I said it, it’s true. But, if you keep them engaged and playing while on the hike it makes everything so much better. Pack snacks the kids can enjoy on the hike. Make sure you are stopping to let the kids enjoy the scenery. Playing games that keep the kids engaged is easy and fun. Eye spy, guess the animal and storytelling help to pass the time.

Bobbing for apples is a classic. We put this together at our house every year. We bought a large plastic bowl, like these. We use the largest, fill it up with water and place 3-4 small to medium apples in it. We use the smaller apples, so the kids have an easier time trying to get them out. Once the kids get their apple, we slice them up and the get to dip them in caramel and sprinkles; this is always a wonderful treat.

Trick or treating is what my kids look forward to all October. Our local malls always do a trick-or-treat night, not on Halloween, and I get the deals. I enjoy this as it keeps us inside and warm, and I get to shop!

On clear nights, the family and I like to sit outside and look at the stars. Finding different constellations and just seeing how beautiful the sky is. We have seen several shooting stars now and always have the kids make a wish.  The constellations you will see differ based on where you live, so this website lets you put in your city and helps navigate the sky with facts about the moon, planets, and stars.

As a family, we take most of our trips during the summer when everyone has more time off. During the fall and school year, it’s a little harder to have everyone’s schedules line up to leave for a week at a time, but we do love family drives. We take these once everyone has their yard decorated for Halloween, we appreciate seeing what spooky looks our neighbors come up with. We make hot chocolate, pile into the car and site see in our backyard.

Remember to slow down and take everything in, be part of the moment and enjoy the season. Fall comes and goes the quickest and next thing you know, snow is covering your front yard and Christmas lights are a’blazing!