What’s the most important part of high school for any teenage girl? It’s homecoming and prom. Getting dolled up, wearing a beautiful gown and be escorted by a date is fairytale-like; it’s what many little girls dream about.

Every September or early October, schools host homecoming. The planning starts way before that, though. Putting together the perfect evening look takes more than a few hours. The nice thing about homecoming is it’s less formal than prom, so shorter dresses are fashionable and you can have more creativity with your look. From hair to heels, I have some great tips for you in today’s blog.

Outfit Planning Tricks To Have a Perfect Homecoming OOTD

Let’s start at the top and work our way down. For a formal event, we want our hair fancier than a ponytail, or messy bun. Elegant style like up do’s and classic French twists are always in style and can be done with medium to long hair. More frequently, we are seeing braids incorporated into style. The waterfall braid is very popular and can be made up by adding curls and a bit of teasing.  Adding embellishments to your hair like a flower crown always plays up the drama or try braiding a ribbon into your hair to feel sophisticated. If you have long hair, why not show it off by doing a ½ up ½ down hairstyle or curl your hair to add volume and movement.

The Makeup

Moving onto makeup! This is where anything goes, really. You can go bold, bright, dramatic, or natural, as long as you’re comfortable. Some current makeup trends are bright lips and dewy highlighted skin. Here are two easy, and beautiful eye makeup looks for some inspiration.

Soft peach eye shadow for your homecoming look

Peachy Eyes!

This look is perfect for homecoming, it’s pretty, feminine, and has a little bit of sparkle. Creating this look only requires a few colors. The Sweet Peach eye palette from Too Faced cosmetics has the perfect shadow colors to create this look. Finish the look with a cat eye using Stila’s Stay All Day® Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner. It will last all night, no smudging at all.

Gold Metallic Eye Makeup that pops

Gold Metallic

This eye look is perfect to make blue eyes pop, and brown eyes shimmer. This eye look is created by using metallic colors, Kat Von D has metal crush eyeshadows in many colors to choose from. Finish with a few coats of mascara, or if you’re feeling bold and dramatic, add some false lashes!

If you’ve been to any mall lately, you would have seen the hundreds of dresses in every color, cut and style available at Macy’s and other department stores. Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Don’t! There are a few tricks to help ensure you pick the perfect dress for you.

Choosing The Right Color

The fastest way to pick a color that compliments you is by looking at your hair color. Some colors will pair better than others and will help you have a polished look overall.

Blonde– Try bold colors, such as red, orange, coral, emerald and peacock, as well as neutral tones like nude, tan or taupe.

Brunette– Dark hair pairs well with several colors, including varying shades of pink, blue, brown, green, and orange.

Red– Redheads skin tone can vary so much but mocha, sapphire, emerald, and ivory look great unanimously.

Homecoming is the perfect event to experiment with dresses.  All styles, colors, and length of dresses are acceptable. Don’t think it’s just a mini or floor length. Here is a guide on the length of dresses and skirts there are.

Dress lengths for Homecoming

This awesome chart really shows just how many options you have for dress lengths! Try a bunch on and see what you feel most comfortable with.

Last but certainly not least, the shoes. The shoes will differ based on the length of your dress. Don’t think you have to wear stilettos to look good, not the case. Remember, this event is less formal than prom, so a kitten heel or even an embellished flat will look cute and classy. If your dress has less flare, try shoes with a pattern or glitter! If your dress is embellished or multicolored pair it with a nude shoe, this will add balance to your whole look.

Lastly enjoy the day of getting glammed up and dance the night away.