back to school I can almost hear the school bells ringing! As much as I love summer and spending my days with the kids, I also love when they go to school, where there is more structure and routine. During the breaks, I let everything slide…bed/meal times and routines. It’s a time for everyone to let loose and have freedom. So, I must start a little earlier in the summer to get the kids and myself back in gear. Nothing comes quicker than 6:30am, when you’re tired.

Getting Organized for Back To School

With a new school year coming we must get organized. So, here’s my plan to get started. Start slowly. You want to be well into your routine by the time the school year starts; no drastic changes on the first day. You should ease your family into the early morning routine. Begin by turning in and waking up earlier – about 2-3 weeks before school starts, depending on how hard it is for the kids to readjust. Try to align their routine with the actual time they’ll have to wake up for classes one week beforehand. This is always easier said than done, I love sleeping in.

Preparing Meals

Start preparing meals in relation to your new sleep schedule (meals earlier in the day). Limit snacking throughout the day and encourage breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack to follow the school outline. With this, the kids will adjust better once in class and be more prepared for how their day will look. Also, make a meal schedule and ensure that you have all ingredients on hand for the week, so that dinners go smoothly. You can even make meals ahead of time and freeze them – pop them into the oven an hour or two before dinner and you’re ready to go.

Family Calendar

Make a family calendar! This is an activity everyone can help with. With the new school year there will be many dates for you to remember, so a calendar that everyone is able to see will help keep everyone organized. At the same time, have a place where the kids can drop off all their important papers. Often, they get forgotten in the bottom of backpacks never to see the light of day again. Make sure they are in the habit of emptying their bags once they come home, as well as their lunches.

Homework Activities

Make a space in your home where the kids can concentrate and complete any homework activities. Make sure there is little to distract them and the area is well lit. You can post daily reminders on the door so the kids remember all their items on the way out.

Outfit Planning The Night Before

Plan outfits the night before. This saves so much time in the mornings for both you and the kids. Tomorrow’s Outfit is the perfect outfit planner. Plan accessories and layer clothing to create the perfect look. Children will feel more confident in their appearance and gain independence. Also, there will be no struggle in the morning looking for a shirt, or the other sock, or if the pants match the outfit.

Another way to stay organized and get school ready is to plan before you shop. Look over clothing and make sure your child will still fit into fall/winter clothing that they already have. If not, make a list of the items they need. Go through all their drawers as well and get rid of items they no longer wear or don’t fit. Make sure to have enough basics on hand – socks and underwear. Also, shop with your kids to make sure the clothing fits them and suits their style.

If they wear uniforms at their school, buy all pieces in advance and make sure they fit properly. I always recommend washing school uniforms prior to wearing them. Doing this allows you to see if they shrink. Shop early for all clothing – sales start at end of July-early August. The sooner you shop, the sooner its done!

Preparing a list for buying all the back to school supplies is also important. My last blog post went over lists for each schooling level needs to be prepared. Have a look back and print off the lists you need. Most schools offer a list they recommend for each grade level that you’re able to pick up during registration.

If you’re a neat freak, you’ll hate having the kids lunch bags and backpacks all over the front entrance of your house. Keep your sanity and organization by storing the kids school gear in a designated cupboard or hallway bench. You can make one yourself with a DIY or purchase one and paint it to match your décor.

Last, but not least is to plan ahead. A week by week agenda for your kids and yourself is best. You can see what coming and plan accordingly. If paper and pen is not your thing, there are numerous apps to keep you and the family on task.