cheap costumes for halloween Now that the kiddos are back in school and the whole family has fallen into an easy routine each morning, it’s time to think about fall. With fall, brings every child’s second favorite holiday… Halloween. It’s where kids can be creative and be whoever they want to be, without any fear, for an entire day. Whether they want to be a superhero, a pop star, a doctor or anything in between, wearing the costume is just as exciting as getting the candy. If you’ve noticed, Halloween and even some Christmas stuff, is sneaking its way onto the shelves. The price for a one-time costume is rather expensive and they change their mind right up until your running (late) out the door.

DIY Costume Ideas for Halloween

There’s no imagination in buying off the shelf, so let’s look at some awesome DIY costume ideas you and your child can make together. If your kids are like mine, they either want to be everything under the sun for Halloween, or don’t know what to be at all.

Unique, Easy to do and Cheap Costumes To Make

Meatballs and Spaghetti

Child dressed up like Spaghetti and Meatballs

– Cut a hole for the head in the center of a red-checkered tablecloth so that it can be worn like a poncho.

– Cut white yarn into spaghetti-length pieces. With a hot-glue gun, glue them in swirls and bunches to a large, sturdy paper plate.

– Paint 8 small Styrofoam balls with brown paint to resemble meatballs. Let dry, then glue 4 or 5 balls to top of spaghetti. Mix brown and red acrylic paint to make a tomato-sauce color; drip that over meatballs and spaghetti. Smear a little on the side of a small pot.

– Glue the plate to the front of the tablecloth.

– Glue remaining meatballs to tablecloth where you like.

– Glue some strands of yarn to the pot “hat.” Tie under chin if needed to keep pot on head.

Snowball Costume

Girl dressed up like a snowball

All you need is: an over-size pale-blue sweatshirt, string, batting, an extra-large sewing needle, white felt, seam binding, Styrofoam balls in assorted sizes, elastic, Velcro, fabric glue, a large safety pin.

For full directions on how to make this costume click here.

This costume is super cute and uses things you probably have laying around your house, which is perfect for you!

Raining Cats and Dogs

Girl dresses up like it is raining cats and dogs

  • Black poster board
  • 4 sheets black sticky felt (like Presto)
  • White fabric pencil
  • Glue
  • Gray thread
  • Needle
  • Child-size umbrella

For full directions on making this adorable costume click here

Curious George is one of my all tie favorite kids book! Now there is a show and a few movies, which I also love. Dressing up Curious George and The Man in the Yellow Hat is super easy.

Boy Dressed for Halloween

All you need is:

Yellow shirt

Yellow pants

Yellow hat

Stuffed monkey

Thrift stores are a great place to pick up clothing items for cheap!

Break the summer stuff out one last time this year! This Scuba Diver is super easy to make. Get the flippers and the goggles out!

Boy dresses up like a Scuba Diver

Hit the recycling bin for 2 two-liter soda bottles and get ready to paint.

This costume takes less than 2 hours to complete- and that includes the paint drying.  Click here for directions.

Some of my best costumes as a child were put together last minute, where I helped make them. Buying a costume from the store is exciting in the moment, but making tweaks and additions to it to make your child feel special wearing it last a lifetime. It’s also a great one on one activity for you and your child to do. Oh, and be sure to build your costume(s) on Tomorrow’s Outfit Stylizer!