school spirit days A new school year can come with lots of different emotions, feelings and thoughts – anything from excitement and happiness to see your friends again, to fear and anxiety about school work and new classes. These are normal, so assure your child that however they are feeling is okay. At the beginning of every school year, within the first few weeks of class, most schools hold ‘spirit days’ usually to help break the tension for teachers and students alike. They might last a few days, or an entire spirit week, and this is a great time for your child to participate. Here are some common theme days and styles to help your child be the star of the day!

  • Superhero Day
  • Hippie Day
  • Nerd Day
  • Class Color Day
  • Hollywood Day
  • Blast from the Past Day
  • Decade Day (60’s, 70’s, 80’s…)
  • Celebrity Day
  • Favorite Movie Day
  • Hawaiian Day
  • Pajama Day
  • Wacky Hair Day
  • Dress-up Day
  • Western Day
  • Tie Die Day
  • Crazy Hat Day
  • Camo Day
  • College T-Shirt Day
  • Twin Day
  • Sports Team Day
  • Beach Party Day

For most of these themes, one could simply add an accessory, like a hat or wearing pj’s to school, but you can have lots more fun by being super creative. For example, let’s look at wacky hair day – the possibilities are endless and, no, I’m not talking about my high school yearbook!

spider web hair for school spirit days

Halloween is just around the corner and what better way to start the early celebration than a spooky spider web in your child’s hair? This look is easily achieved with plastic spiders, hairspray and the spider web netting that is available every fall. Add some hair spray, place webbing on hair, spray again. Use a bobby pin to have the spiders stay in place, voila!

Standing out on School Spirit Days

What little girl or boy hasn’t dreamed of living under the sea? This wacky hair style is very simple. Pick up a can of green temporary hair color (sold at Walmart) and print off an image of a mermaid. Place child’s hair in a ponytail, and braid it. Spray paint the braid green, and attach your mermaid at the top of the pony tail. The braid is the mermaids tail. Super cute and easy.

School Spirit

How about a cool surfer dude? Spray child’s hair with temporary blue hair color. Use a strong hold gel to create a wave at the top of the head. Use a strong hold hair spray to lock it into place. Attach a small surfer toy with a bobby pin. You could also add shells, pearls, sparkles, star fish or anything else in the ocean.

Pajama Day is a common spirit day at schools. Most kids just wake up and go, but you can be a little more creative with their look in just a few minutes. If your child has long hair, add a few rollers to make it look a little retro. Have your child bring their favorite stuffy to school for the day.

Hippie day is something we participated in when I was younger. I remember this day being full of awe-inspiring colors and so many accessories. To make this day a success, start with used clothing by visiting your local Goodwill store. Bell bottom jeans, loose flowy skirts, tunics, or sun dresses all have a ‘boho’ feel. For a top, try a tie-dyed t-shirt, peasant blouses or any long, loosely fitted top for a dated feel. Try iron ons of peace signs, hearts, and rainbows to give your look a little more character. Footwear can be basic; flip flops, moccasins or natural colored boots. To finalize the look, pile on the accessories like necklaces, bracelets and flower crowns. The more, the better.

Whatever spirit day your child is participating in, take a few extra minutes with them and design something unique. This will be fun and creative for you and them and give them a little added flair on the day. Have fun!