shopping for teen daughter I’ve previously covered supplies needed for back to school, but what should your teen be wearing – what are the trends and what is their style? Back to school starts in Autumn but, as we all know, some summer weather tends do carry over into Fall. The summer clothing your teen is used to wearing might fall outside of some school guidelines. If your kids are like mine, they basically live in their bathing suits, which is not school appropriate clothing.

Start with the basics you know your teen needs; socks, undergarments, a few plain t-shirt/tank tops for layering and a change of clothing for gym class/sports teams. Some school may provide gym clothing, so make sure you double check so you’re not purchasing items that go unused.

Now that the basics are out of the way, let’s get shopping! Teen girls have endless options when it comes to what they can wear. Really, anything goes. This is perfect, but can also be a little overwhelming. So, I’ll help you and your teen navigate the trends!

This season, the 80’s are making a huge comeback. You might remember the 80’s as big hair and blue eyeshadow to your brow bone, but now it’s refined and aged perfectly. Think more along the lines of neon/bright colors, bold shoulders and a tribute to the era’s spunky style queen. Here are some of the must-haves:

  1. Denim– Sleek, second-skin denim.
  2. Distressed Jeans– Let ’em rip! The classic rock-star staple takes center stage
  3. The Military Jacket– Popularized by the King of Pop—the late, great Michael Jackson—glam military jackets have been sighted on everyone from Beyonce to Blake Lively. March to your own beat in a chic take dressed down for the street.
  4. The new boots for fall- say goodbye to anklet boots, knee highs are here this season.
  5. White low-tops– simple and easy to pair with anything, white sneakers are a classic.
  6. Graphic tee’s
  7. Statement jackets- add a little flare to a monochromatic look.
  8. Off the shoulder tops– billowing sleeves, in unexpected textures and knits, and giving new shape and silhouettes to an otherwise simple look
  9. Velvet- in the form of anything! Makes us all feel a little royal.
  10. Embroidered jeans– time to ditch the boring jeans and add a little flare.
  11. Bold animal prints- pair with jeans and a plain tee to keep it simple.
  12. Denim dress- this dress goes with everything and can be fancy or relaxed.
  13. Shiny or sequined pieces- these instantly add a luxe vibe and show your teens personality.
  14. Suede- a warm fabric that pairs well with all your other fall favorites.
  15. Pastels and neons- pair these hues with earth tones to make them pop.
  16. Mismatched prints
  17. Plaid- still a fall must-have pattern.

This list is just an idea of what pieces and fabrics your teen daughter might be looking for. How she pairs her outfits together is entirely up to her. This is where her style and creativity will really come through. If she needs a little inspiration, have her check out TeenVogue, Seventeen, and even Pinterest.

Places to shop and save a little cash are Forever21, Aeropostale, H&M, and Aerie. Zara, TNA, and Bench are pricier but you can always find a great deal on unique items. There’s still a little time before school, so online shopping for clothing opens a wider variety of stores and saves time driving. Make sure your teen measures herself properly before ordering, many brands have strict return policies and it’s costly to send clothing back.

The last thing you’ll want to consider is budget – be sure your teen knows the limits and what the necessities are to purchase. If you’re not going shopping with her, make sure she saves receipts and has a list of items she wants/needs. This will keep everyone happy, manage expectations and give your teen some freedom and shows she’s trustworthy. You can also check the fashion listing here.

Happy shopping!