winter fashion for teen girls Being a teen and keeping pace with fashion is difficult; every season there’s a new trend and hot items. Keeping up with what every other girl is wearing can be daunting. It’s equally as hard to be the parent of a teenage girl. I’ve been dragged to store after store, choking over price tags, and buying numerous outfit pieces that may never leave the closet again.

As a teen, I had lots of great single items, but not ‘complete’ outfits. I would blindly and with no foresight, browse for items I liked; not necessarily items that would build a flexible wardrobe. Over the years of both shopping as a teen and for a teen, I have come up with some pretty solid tips and suggestions to build the perfect winter wardrobe!

Firstly, every girl needs a pair or two of warm winter boots. They can be quite fashionable, while still being functional and warm. Boots are also a great investment piece for fall and spring. I recommend buying one tall pair and an ankle boot. Stay in the neutral color palettes and they will go well with most any outfit.

Socks are all the rage right now. Big, chunky socks look great paired with tall or short boots. They also have a cozy look and feel. Grab a pair of skinny jeans and pull the socks up over them. Skinny jeans are unquestionably a staple in any woman’s day to day wear. You can dress them up, or wear them casually. Having a few pairs in different colors will make any outfit easy to coordinate.

Hoodies are easy to throw on, and to layer underneath of. On the coldest days, having one to bundle up in is perfect. Knitted sweaters add a personal touch to outfits as well, and can be paired with skirts for a more formal look. For days where it’s cool, but not cold enough for a winter jacket, wear a warm vest. They are sophisticated, can add a pop of color, and are still warm enough for those days when the sun is peaking through.

If your teens’ style is a little bit more on the ‘edgy’ side (dare I say, goth?), a pair of combat style boots would be a great alternative to ankle boots. Add a scarf as an accessory, and a few bangle bracelets to complete the look. Ugg brand boots are also famous for cold, dry winters. They come in many different colors so they are suited to any style.

Some awesome color combinations are cream and burgundy, pink and grey, and navy blue accented with metallic accessories. Adding knit mitts, and hats to the mix will keep you warm and have our teen feeling confident with her style choices.

Layering in the winter is the best time to create lots of unique looks with minimal pieces. You pick a few staples out, like a pair of jeans and a vest, but you change the shirt and sweater underneath. The boots and the socks can be substituted for a totally different look as well. Playing with jewelry is critical when your teen is trying to express their sense of individualism and style; keep it simple with small stud earrings and a tiny necklace, or go all out with feather earrings and a choker necklace.

Just because its winter, doesn’t mean your cute hair accessories can’t be worn. Flower crowns can be worn year-round, just opt for more cold weather flowers and colors – often deeper tones.

Colder weather often brings heavier clothing and more of it, just to keep warm from the harsh elements of snow, and wind. Textures of the winter season are often warm and soft, such as velvet, suede, cashmere, wool, and knits. Have fun with mixing textures and different patterns to make your wardrobe your own! Make winter fashion for teen girls perfect!